Make'em Move Meta Quest 3 & 2 Mixed Reality Game
Make all types of virtual shapes and objects move around in your own real-life environment

Developed in 2023 - 2024
Child's Play Meta Quest 2 VR Game
A fun and simple VR game for children and people new to VR

Developed in 2023
Maze Generator JavaScript
This JavaScript maze generator creates mazes

Developed in 2022
Recommender JavaScript Plugin JavaScript, IndexedDB
This JavaScript plugin uses basic statistics and social network analysis measures of centrality to make recommendations.

Developed in 2022 JavaScript, jQuery, Service Workers, Canvas, IndexedDB, Phalcon, PHP
Summary of technologies used in developing this experimental website

Developed in 2021
Word Prediction jQuery Plugin JavaScript, jQuery, IndexedDB
This JavaScript plugin adds word prediction functionality to any input field, textarea, and content editable WYZIWYG editor.

Developed in 2021
mEmMini Markup Input Field JS Plugin JavaScript (ES6), HTML5, Canvas, IndexedDB
This JavaScript plugin allows a user to draw over and comment on any HTML tag, as well as provides full CRUD functionality for both the server and client (locally) sides.

Developed in 2021
Tic Tac Toe with Machine Learning and JavaScript JavaScript (ES6) and IndexedDB
This version of Tic Tac Toe uses game data, algorithms, basic statistics, and no hard-coded instructions to play against you

Developed in 2021
How Tos Various Programming Languages
This is a running log of how-tos and anything that has to do with programming.

finishWorking JavaScript, HTML5, IndexedDB
This JavaScript plugin enables any input form to function offline allowing a user to create, read, update, and delete records, and later sync those records to a server when online.

Developed in 2021
IndexedDB Utility JavaScript, HTML5, IndexedDB
This utility simplifies managing and maintaining indexedDB. It includes functions to perform CRUD tasks, helps managing version control, and allows for the consolidation of client-side datastores into one file.

Developed in 2020
Connect 4 with Machine Learning JavaScript, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3, AWS, Linux, Apache, Python, Django, Sqlite
I developed a version of the popular game connect 4 that uses a combination of machine learning and basic hard-coded game play procedures in order for the application to improve its game playing skills.

Developed in 2020
easyGraph JavaScript and Canvas graphing plugin
easyGraph is a JavaScript plugin that enables you to create simple line, bar, pie, scatter plot graphs, and info graphics. Simply, add your data points and configurations to the easyGraph API.

Developed in 2020
clickCapture JavaScript, jQuery, IndexedDb, and HTML5 front-end bug support plugin tool
clickCapture is a Jquery plugin designed to capture and generate a report of front-end JavaScript errors and sequences of end-user clicks. This plugin saves application usage data in the user's browser using indexedDb, and allows the user to generate an error and application-usage report in order to help support troubleshoot issues.

Developed in 2020
markEmarkup Application UI Markup & Wireframe Tool JavaScript, HTML5 canvas, IndexedDb, CSS3 standalone (offline) application, and online services (AWS, Apache, Linux, PHP (Phalcon), MySQL)
markEmarkup enable users to markup images/screenshots of application and website pages or user-interfaces to improve requirements gathering for Agile development; enhance application support processes; and improve troubleshooting for fixes.

Developed in 2019
Digital Signature & Initials Plugin JavaScript (jQuery), HTML5 canvas, and CSS3 digital signature plugin
I wanted to create a simple digital signature JQuery plugin that utilized HTML5's canvas features. This simple plugin converts a textarea into a digital signature box. Within the box, a user can write their signature using their mouse or a touch screen enabled device, or upload an image of their signature. The signature is then converted into a string and entered inside the textarea as text. The content of the textarea can then be posted and saved in a database as text, and then later retrieved and rendered back inside a textarea where the plugin can convert the text back into the signature.

Developed in 2018
Multiselect Listbox Plugin JavaScript (jQuery), HTML5, and CSS3 multiselect listbox plugin
mutliselect listbox plugin with the following features:
  • 508 Compliant (fully tab-able)
  • Built-in select all and deselect all options
  • optGroup compatible
  • Search as you type
  • Alphabetize and numeric sort options
  • Cross device and cross browser compatible
  • Option to add an on change event
  • Undo feature
  • Full screen mode
  • Easy to use and simple to install

Developed in 2018
Simple Brain Teaser JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 Canvas, and CSS3 drag and drop brain teaser and fun application
This simple brain teaser is called Make10. I developed Make10 in order to create an interactive project that involved HTML5 canvas. To play, click the demo button in order to open the application (html file). Once started, simply try to arrange the nine lines to make 10. You can drag the lines and turn them by clicking on them. Once you made 10, click the done button to see if your answer is correct. To view the code, just right click on the application (html file) and choose view source.

Developed in 2018
JavaScript Helper Framework HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, IndexedDB JS resource helper
I developed this JS helper framework as a proof-of-concept in order to perform: client-side input validation; input fail-safe backup and recovery; breadcrumb navigation; testing; dialog boxes and alerts; navigate-away without saving notificaion; and a singular Ajax request/response all from one packaged source. This framework was designed as a client-side resource to handle typical tasks popular in application development. Essentially, this framework sends a JSON object to the server and receives JSON as its payload from the server.

Developed in 2016
Sample NIST Security Controls Management Application HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, XML, Ajax, PHP, & MySQL sample FISMA security controls management application
This project was a proof-of-concept application for an open-source FISMA security control solution.

Developed in 2015
Sample Purchase Order System HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, JSON, PHP, & MySql purchase order system
This project was a cross-browser and cross-device compatible PO system, designed to use a minimal number of third-party resources (only jQuery). This PO system was built on top of a custom JavaScript and PHP framework. My goal was to build a simple to maintain PO system that did not require any special progamming knowledge, aside from its core languages.

Developed in 2013
Project Scheduling Application HTML5, Canvas, CSS3, JavaScript, *jQuery, IndexedDB, and JSON
For this project, I wanted to develop a full CRUD application that consisted of a single HTML file and could run in any browser, on any device (that has a browser) without any installation requirements, offline. Single-file application (no installation) Full CRUD functionality All images are created on the fly *I included jQuery using a CDN, however for offline usage jQuery can either be inline or removed entirely

Developed in 2013
RPCV World Game HTML5 (Canvas), CSS3, & JavaScript game sample
Inspired by my service in the Peace Corps, I wrote this game in order to enhance people's Peace Corps knowledge. This game was designed to test a person's knowledge on where Peace Corps volunteers had historically performed service around the world. Unfortunately, only a small part of Africa works in this game, since I had not finished the game. However, this game has some interesting features: Single-file game (no installation) All images are created on the fly Drag and drop example with canvas

Developed in 2012
Code Star HTML5 CSS3, & JavaScript game sample
Just a fun game... enjoy!

Developed in 2012
Past Work
Images with summaries of other work I've done in the past
Make'em Move
Mixed Reality Game for Meta Quest 3 & 2
Child's Play
VR Game for Meta Quest 2
UI markup, wireframe tool, & much more
Tic Tac Toe w/ML
Machine learning in Tic Tac Toe
Make 10
Just a simple brain teaser (haha)
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