Make'em Move
Make'em MoveIn Mixed Reality
Make all types of virtual shapes and animated objects move around in your own real-life environment
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Make'em Move is a fun and unique Mixed Reality game that enables you to animate and interact with virtual objects within your real-life environment. You can choose from a large variety of shapes to animated objects and make them move by placing them on paths that you draw with your hands.

Many Make'em Move objects include sounds and realistic graphics and animation. You can even get inside of spherical envrionments that have real-life 360-degree video backgrounds for complete immersion. You can also gamify your real-life environment by creating mazes with locked doors and chests, and hide-and-seek games with Make'em Move's game objects. There are so many fun activities you can do with Make'em Move.

Make'em Move is robust in features yet simple enough to use without any previous VR experience. You either make the objects move or it'll make you move. Make'em Move is fun for everyone!
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