Welcome to damionmullins.com


Welcome to damionmullins.com. My name is Damion and I'm glad you made your way to my website. In developing this site, my mission was to offer a unique, open, and alternative experience free from proprietary resources.

Please enjoy the fun transitions and effects I've coded into each page. I created most everything in this website using nothing more than the language of the web. Remember to right-click and inspect, if you are interested in what's under the hood. I hope you find something useful, educational, or inspirational here at damionmullins.com.


P.S. If you enjoyed the introduction to this website, please take a look at some of my older intros:

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Make'em Move
Mixed Reality Game for Meta Quest 3 & 2
Child's Play
VR Game for Meta Quest 2
UI markup, wireframe tool, & much more
Tic Tac Toe w/ML
Machine learning in Tic Tac Toe
Make 10
Just a simple brain teaser (haha)
Featured Projects
An exploration into unique and fun concepts using PHP, Python, MySql, HTML5, JSON, jQuery, JavaScript, Canvas, IndexedDb, & much more